Always wanted to lose weight without unpleasant appetite? It's possible, thanks to Yokebe! The innovative meal replacement helps you to lose weight in a healthy way and all combined with a feeling of being full. The triple effect of the formula, called the "Yokebe effect" supports you to drop pounds while maintaining your body’s balance.

The hypocaloric effect: thanks to the unique density, Yokebe is just as nutritious as a full meal. That way, you're not only full, but your body also sources the energy it needs from its fat reserves.

The metabolism activation effect: all B-vitamins, which are present in Yokebe, ensure a faster metabolism. And a faster metabolism means faster loss of weight!

The anti-fat effect: high-quality protein to help maintain muscle mass. The body then sources the energy it needs from body fat, supporting weight loss.

Yokebe is not just for weight loss in a healthy way, but without appetite and without the yo-yo effect. Try one of our products quickly, and meet the summer as an entirely new person.